The Gender Reveal: Another Reason for a Party?

The Gender Reveal: Another Reason for a Party?

"If you decide to have a gender reveal party, or are hosting one for someone else, make sure to cutesy it up"

It is the norm for new parents to get a peek at their baby's developing nether regions via mid-term anatomy scan.  Some couples maximize the excitement of the "big ultrasound" by arranging a party shortly after the appointment, at which the gender is revealed. The pivotal moment often occurs when the parents cut into a cake, colored pink or blue under the frosting, that has been created by a baker who was privy to the ultrasound results.

Gender reveal cakes, cupcakes, or truffles may be featured at traditional baby showers, but many moms-to-be are opting for maximum celebration by hosting, or being guests of honor at, separate events that revolve around the all-knowing cake. Mothers who are on board with the gender reveal are often excited about another pre-baby event, but there are some things to keep in mind when considering whether a gender reveal party is appropriate.


  • The ultrasound tech's confidence. Most couples who plan to have a gender reveal party ask the ultrasound tech to write down the baby's gender and seal it in an envelope, or whisper it to a friend or family member who will relay it to the baker. Remember to find out how certain the tech is that she has correctly identified the gender. The most important part of anatomy scans are checking on the health and development of the growing fetus. Sometimes the baby is positioned in a way that keeps the goods hidden from view. Medically unnecessary repeat ultrasounds are not recommended, so if the tech is wavering, a gender reveal may lead to embarrassment and lots of returned gifts if there is a surprise on delivery day.
  • Your circle of friends. Some people are gender-reveal-party types, and some are not. You probably already know whether your chums would be down with an event like this, or would be weird out by the edible baked good/developing fetus connection.
  • The money factor. This applies to whomever is shelling out to throw the party (usually the parents, close friend, or family member) as well as the guests. Will there also be a shower? Will the same people be invited to both events, and if so, are these people likely to feel obligated to purchase two gifts? Do you want gifts at the gender reveal? Are you aware that even if you say "no gifts at the gender reveal" people will probably still bring them, and then later accuse you of having too many parties and expecting too many gifts?

If you decide to have a gender reveal party, or are hosting one for someone else, make sure to cutesy it up, and turn it into a fun, relaxing way to celebrate the new mom, and her little one on the way.

  • Serve a cravings buffet. Purchase or make a variety of snacks and desserts that are sweet, salty, sour, crunchy or chewy. Label them as such, and spread them out on a decorated buffet table. You may also make separate "snack stations" around the room, or set them out on the cake table, with the cake as the centerpiece.
  • Let guests write down their guess. Offer a small prize to those who guess correctly.
  • Have cameras ready. There should be several people taking pictures to ensure that someone captures the parents at the moment they see the color. The photos of their expressions will prove to be valuable keepsakes. The hostess or guests may even present the parents-to-be with a framed photo at her baby shower.