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Four Ways to Host a Special Baby Shower

Great tips to make this shower really special.

Etiquette says that women only get one baby shower, so if you are the hostess, you owe it to the mom-to-be to put some effort toward incorporating memorable details. Make the day one that will stand out in the memories of the attendees by following some of these suggestions.

Add a Pop of Fun: Serve a popcorn buffet to play on an "about to pop" theme, honoring the pregnant mom-to-be. Set tubs of flavored popcorn on a Buffett table. Your selection could include classics: butter, cheese, caramel, etc. You may also get creative by mixing popped corn and butter with such flavors as cinnamon and sugar, chili powder, or parmesan cheese. Include scoopers and small popcorn cartons so guests can sample the entire selection.  Make sure to place a decorated "About to Pop" sign somewhere near the table.

Prepare Baby Bath Punch: The blue color and foamy texture of this drink make it look similar to bubbly water. Serve it in a large bowl, and float a few small, clean rubber duckies in the liquid to make it mimic a baby's bath. The beverage is made by combining Kool-aid and sugar with a bottle of ginger ale, a bottle of fruit juice, and a pint of pineapple sherbet. Mix until foamy, then add the rubber duckies, and garnish with fresh fruit slices.

Help Decorate the Nursery: Purchase a plain, wood letter for each letter of the alphabet from a craft store. Send a letter to each guest along with their shower invite, and ask them to decorate it. At the shower, the mom-to-be will be presented with a beautiful, colorful alphabet set with which to decorate a wall of the nursery.

Create the Ultimate Survival Kit: Ask guests with children who will attend the shower to purchase the one item they couldn't live without when their child was a baby. Options could include a diaper cream that cleared up rashes like magic, a teether that never failed to soothe tantrums, or an exceptionably snug blanket. Assemble all the contributions into a gift basket that will surely be appreciated.