DIY Baby First Aid Kit

DIY Baby First Aid Kit

Whether it's for your own bundle of joy or wrapped up as a gift, a customized first aid kit is practical and may even save the day in the event of emergency.

Store your kit in a basic plastic case or lunchbox. If you're creating a gift, first aid kit boxes are available at most drugstores and supercenters, or you could repurpose and decorate a sewing notions box or cosmetics case.

Include both acetaminophen and ibuprofen infant drops. One may be recommended over the other based on the child's age, and pediatricians sometimes direct parents to alternate both medicines to quickly bring down high fevers. Make sure to add a medicine dropper to the kit. These are sometimes included with the medications, but it is helpful to have a backup in case of misplacement.

Select a thermometer that can be used rectally, as this is the preferred method for infants. Include personal lubricant to prevent discomfort.

Numbing teething ointment should always be kept on hand, as the need for it may arise unexpectedly with an uncomfortable, crying baby. A washcloth in the kit can be used to wrap ice to treat extreme teething pain.

Items necessary to clean wounds such as antibiotic ointment, gauze and bandages should be in abundant supply, especially once the baby in mobile. Cuts and scrapes will happen frequently. Keep some hand sanitizer in the kit in case you need to treat a wound when soap and water are unavailable.

Keep a card illustrating infant CPR in or near your first aid kit. These can be obtained at Red Cross offices and some local fire departments. It is also important to keep the number for the national poison control line in your kit.