Do registry taboos exist?

Do registry taboos exist?

Is it tacky to put certain items on a gift registry?

Living in a small town up north, I'm used to pretty lax baby shower etiquette. People around here register at Walmart, and throw everything from diapers to butt ointment to video games systems (gotta stay occupied during nap time, right?) onto their registries.

I never realized that some circles have "rules" about what to register for, and what to cover yourself, until I started doing some online research while preparing for my own baby shower. These are a couple of the "no-no" items I came across.

Gross stuff: Booger suckers, rectal thermometers, lubricant for rectal thermometers and rash ointment are all facts of life when you become a parent. Unless your shower guest list is a tight knit group, some guests may not want to picture these items in use, especially while nibbling on cake during the gift opening.

Everyday necessities: This one is more controversial. Those opposed to adding things like diapers, wipes, formula, and cold medicine onto registries argue that these are no fun for guests to purchase, and it may make the new parents look like they can't provide for their baby's basic needs on their own. Those in favor of keeping these types of items on the registry make the case that some guests may be last minute shoppers who want to run into a store and grab something quick and easy, so why not have a few no-fail, grab-and-go gift options?

Goodies for parents: It's not really fair, since the parents are the ones going through labor and lack of sleep, but baby shower purists say the shower should only be about the baby. Yes, a new camera will come in handy for taking pictures of the baby. A soothing bubble bath for mom may very well make her a more level-headed parent. Some guests may not make the connection, however and the parents end up coming across as overly opportunistic.

Big items: This is another controversial one. On one hand, people might be offended at the thought that shower guests are asked to cough up the dough for the $1000 designer stroller or brand new nursery furniture set the couple is coveting. On the other hand, some guests like to go in together on special, big-ticket items.

Gift Cards: To close to saying "just give me some moola, please."

Are you aware of any others? Do you think there are certain things that should stay off the registry, or is anything that scans fair game?